The Rabbinical Academy

The Beit Midrash of 'Tiferes Zvi', which trains future Rabbis for their wide-ranging duties, has become renowned throughout the Torah world and has an excellent reputation. Serious and talented students fill the study hall and immerse themselves in in-depth Torah studying as a part of intensive learning programs. Their families have willfully forgone a life of material comfort and abundance so that the head of the family may grow spiritually and dedicate himself to learning Jewish Law, eventually becoming a qualified Rabbi and Moreh Hora'ah.

The monthly stipend which these Rabinical Students receive is far from sufficient and does not cover even basic expenses. That is why a 'Yissachar and Zevulun' agreement between the young men and well-to-do individuals has been introduced; the wealthy person, who is too busy to set aside enough time for Torah study, supports the learner who has dedicated his life to Torah studying and in return receive the same share in the merits and future reward of the Torah Scholar.

Every Jew is eligible to enter such a partnership and sign a contract which is also signed by the organization's administration, and thus revive the ancient partnership between the tribes of Yissachar and Zevulun where Yissachar contributed his merits and Zevulun – his wealth.