Tiferes Zvi Institutions

Approximately ten minutes from the Holy City of Jerusalem, in the city of Beitar Ilit near Gush Etzion, Rabbi Dovid Caro established the organization 'Tiferes Zvi'.

'Tiferes Zvi's broad range of activities include charity work, financial assistance to the needy, medical assistance to patients and strengthening Torah learning and Jewish awareness in the city and beyond. In a very short time, 'Tiferes Zvi' has turned into a center of attraction with countless people seeking its help.

The goal of our organization is 'to wholeheartedly help each and every Jew'.

Our extensive activities, which generate great expenses and necessitate heavy funding, is completely dependent on good-hearted donors in Israel and the diasproa. When exposed to the many fields of assistance our organizations covers, one cannot help but stand in amazement and wonder how one organization can provide so much crucial assistance in so many ways to so many people. Hundreds of families from all across the Jewish spectrum are supported by our organization throughout the year. We beseech you to please join us in our efforts on behalf of our fellow Jews, and together, we can continue to expand our activities that are so vital for many of our brethren.

Distribution list:

Rabbi Meir Baal Haness Tzeddakah Pushka